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Rosa Stone Swimming Pool Tiles Range Includes:

    Aqua Verde
    Aqua Blue Glow In Dark
    Indigo Blue
    Cobalt Blue
    Reef Sea
    Tropical Blue
    Green Sea
    AB 02
    AB 05
    AB 07
    AB 14
    Light Silver
    Nacare Oro
    Nacare Old Gold
    Nacare Mix
    Solid White
    Solid Black
    Solid Marine Blue
    Solid CL - 1381
    Solid CL -171
    Solid CL - 103
    Solid CL - 131
    Solid CL - 130
    Solid CL - 1263
    Solid CL - 1273
    Solid CL - 145
    Solid CL - 195

The right pool tiles can make your swimming experience a clean, safe and enjoyable one. They can also add to the overall theme of your outdoor area with a range of looks to suit your taste and requirements. Rosa Stone offers a good range of tiles which are suitable for swimming pool and spa areas.These tiles really help to enhance a pool or spa area and entice people in.

There are many tiles suitable for use in swimming pools most of which will not be classed as pool tiles but will still be suitable. The primary requirement is a low water absorption rate of less than 3%. This means that all porcelain and glass tiles are therefore suitable for use as swimming pool tiles. Rosa Stone Tiles has a vast range of products suitable for use as swimming pool tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Glass and porcelain mosaics can also be used as pool tiles.

Going Green

Since 1985 these Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles have produced from recycled glass in Spain.

This is a unique product from a 100% recycled glass, becoming a 100% recycled mosaic; and thanks to advanced technology it is possible to develop an efficient and environmentally committed resource exploitation process in order to minimize the environmental impact:

  • 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass.
  • Zero emissions: No emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Energy saving: The use of recycled glass allows reducing up to 25% the consumption of energy during the production process.
  • No harmful mountings: The consumption of glass mosaic in paper or in the revolutionary mounting “polyurethane cord” allows respecting the environment with the use of totally innocuous materials.
  • Zero water absorbtion.
  • Packaging: The packaging used by is a 100% recycled carton.

The Hot Melt System

The ultimate system comes from Reviglass: the Hot Melt system.

Just arriving now in Australia, this system revolutionises glass mosaic mounting systems and offers additional benefits for water-based applications such as swimming pools and water features.

This new mounting for glass mosaics consists of multiple adhesive threads of polyurethane criss-crossing the back of the mosaic sheet.

See the results of international laboratories showing increased adherence to any surface. A high quality manufacturing process ensures consistency of colour and sizing.

Glow in the Dark Glass

One of our most innovative products in recent times is our Glow-In-The-Dark glass from MOSAVIT.

How does it work? Easy – the more light charging the glass mosaic, the brighter and longer it will glow. Depending on the length of time the glass is exposed to the natural or artificial light, it will glow in the dark for up to eight/nine hours – with more intense brightness to start with and then gradually fading.

The GLOW property is permanent – for the life of the glass – as it is part of the manufacturing process of the glass itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Frequently Asked Questions area is provided as an insight to our product. It's not a complete list, however if you can think of a question we have missed please call us on 02 9489 8290 or submit our Contact Form.

Q: What is the carbon footprint like on your glass mosaics?

The products of all our Spanish manufacturers are made out of recycled glass, so they are very “green”!

Q: How safe are glass mosaics? Can they cut my child’s feet?

All of our glass mosaics have rounded edges, so everyone is perfectly safe if you them in a pool. The rounded edges make the mosaics safe, whereas with sharp-edged mosaics just a single chip out of place when installed could be dangerous, especially in wet conditions.

Q: Are your glass mosaics all pool-safe?

Yes - all of our glass mosaics are 100% pool safe.

Is my pool going to look first-class? No crooked chips?

The Hot Melt glass mosaic mounting system has a grid pattern which is always perfectly squared off. The alignment of the chips is 100% regular, due to the superior technical expertise of the manufacturer.

Q: Why is the bonding to the wall three times stronger with the Hot Melt mounting system?

The mosaic chips are connected by a ribbon of hot polyurethane-based glue totally compatible with the adhesive used in pools, ensuring 100% bonding to the walls. This strong fusion is proven by international laboratory tests showing that the bond to the walls is three times stronger than that of the PVC dot system.

Q: Is the Hot Melt system internationally proven?

Tests available conducted by Litokol and Ceram show the safety of the Hot Melt system. In wet conditions, this system is up to three times stronger than PVC dots, making it ideal for pools.

Q: Is the Hot Melt system affordable?

The Hot Melt system is a technological improvement that doesn’t affect the manufacturing cost, which makes the product very competitive price-wise.

Q: What are the Australian Standards for glass mosaics?

There has been much debate regarding Australian Standards for glass mosaic however, Rosa Stone has established that there are no Australian Standards that specifically cover glass mosaic. The Australian Standards Act AS3958.1 2007 for the building industry refers to installation procedures for a large range of products which include ceramic tiles, timber and even glass for windows. There is a section of this standard regarding glass mosaics, but once again referring to correct installation procedures only.

Q: Do Rosa Stone Glass Mosaic Swimming Pool tiles comply with Australian Standards for correct installation?

The industry regulation states that at least 80% of the back of the tile should be exposed to the adhesive. Rosa Stone can proudly say that the compatibility of our Polyurethane based glue on the Hot Melt with the adhesive, ensures 100% coverage for the back of our glass mosaics.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project requirements with one of our natural stone specialists.

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