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Paving Stones are set in a friction base sand mixture, thus they do not move around at all, but remain flexible. This flexibility means that with cold and hot weather the expansion and contraction do not in any way create and ill effect on the paving stone installation.

Paving stones are several times stronger than concrete. Paving stones are even earthquake resistant. Paving stones are easily replaceable whenever need arise. Paving stones create a stunning impact and enhance your home environment for many years to come. There are so many different types of paving stones, colors, textures, shapes, sizes, patterns and designs that they can blend in and greatly enhance the beauty of any home or building.

Why Use Stone Pavers?

  • Beauty: They are very aesthetically pleasing. The natural color and texture variations usually found in these products add a natural beauty.
  • Durability: They are one of the most durable materials available. People have been using stone pavers for thousands and thousands of years.
  • Design: With many different stone pavers on the market, there are numerous design options. Stone pavers come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and textures, and can be installed in a number of different patterns, providing many options for your project.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project requirements with one of our natural stone specialists.

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